Fun Meets Dynamism

Chennai is a fun and dynamic city. At any point in time, there's always something to see and there's always something to do. Listed below are what we think are some of the city's top attractions:

Walk along the largest beach in India

The Marina beach is the largest beach in the country, but that is not the only thing that make a visit to this beach as commendable. The experience of a morning stroll on this beach stands unparalleled, with the combination of the people playing cricket, storytelling session by poets and people flying kites. This beach is truly vivid and a popular sightseeing point, but most of all it exudes the true character of a place like Chennai.

Visit the Fort St. George

Currently, the house of the legislative assembly and the secretariat of Tamil Nadu, the Fort St. George is an absolute delight displaying the best that Chennai has to offer. Also a museum now, this place was historically referred to as White Town.

The intrinsically decorated halls and corridors work their magic on making you revel in the era gone by. Another one of the experiences to be here, a visit to this place is among the top things to do in Chennai.

Witness the greatness of the Mahabalipuram temples

Mahabalipuram is a town near Chennai which was established in the year 1827, and it is since then that this place has come to be the source of the great cultural heritage of India. This commendable little town is a storehouse of many ancient temples of historical and archaeological significance.Owing to this fact there are a number of the history enthusiasts

Enjoy the best South Indian food

The city has a vibrant street food culture. If you think chaats and idlis are the only street foods Chennai is popular for, then you should certainly try the irresistible street foods like parottas, sundal, atho man, muttai curry, kozhi roast.

The splendor of San Thome Cathedral

Another must visit place in Chennai is the San Thome Cathedral. This church is among the most popular shrines of Chennai and was built on the grave of St. Thomas. Now declared as a National Shrine, this church is astoundingly beautiful too. Owing to such a status of the church, this place now falls among the top tourist destinations.

Reading at the Anna Centenary Library

For the bookworms, a visit to the Anna Centenary Library has to be among the best things to do in Chennai. Though a library does not seem to please a traveller, when talking of this exceptional library, it is nothing less than the best of what Chennai has to offer. Spread over an area of nine acres this library is among the largest in Asia.

Rickshaw rides are fun here

Though a lot has been said about the varied experiences that the Chennai city offers its tourists, an autorickshaw ride in the city is among the top things to do in Chennai. The auto rickshaws of this city have a swag of their own with some of the friendliest drivers you would have known. These iconic rides must be experienced when in the city.

Stroll along the Elliot Beach

Nothing proves to be a better break from the crazy bustling city of Chennai than the tranquillity provided by a serene beach with just the sounds of the gushing waves to break the silence. Such is the experience of a stroll along the Elliot beach which also goes by the name Besant Nagar Beach. Much less crowded when compared with the Marina Beach, this place is a beautiful experience.