Workshop on “Effective Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty”

18/07/2020 | Completed Event

An online certified workshop titled “Effective Decision Making in Times of Uncertainty” was organised by World Trade Center. Mr. Gokul Raghunathan, Founder, Mindelligence was the faculty. The two-day programme discussed fundamentals of cognitive biases, errors, problems with human judgements and decision making. Mr. Gokul spoke about how opinions are formed and actions are chosen via mental processes and how these are influenced by biases, reason, emotions, and memories. He stressed that one needs to accept these biases while taking a decision. He explained the differences between rational and irrational thinking and also illustrated the different factors that influences decision making. These include heuristics, priming, nudges, framing etc. There were several case studies presented supplemented with online activities. Mr. Gokul touched upon various cognitive biases like confirmation bias, overconfidence bias, self-serving bias, hindsight bias etc. Participants from different industries attended and interacted with the faculty.