Webinar ‘Pandemic and Force Majeure’

22/04/2020 | Completed Event

Webinar ‘Pandemic and Force Majeure’ organised by World Trade Center & FICCI (Karnataka Chapter) in association with Shivadass & Shivadass (Law Chambers) on 22nd April 2020 between 11:00am to 1:00pm. Over 350 participants registered for this event across different sectors including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, supply, real estate (developers), aviation etc. The panellists to the event including Hon’ble Mr. Justie Anand Byra Reddy (Retd.), Former Judge, Karnataka High Court, Mr. G Shivadass, Senior Advocate, Mr. Bhaskar Anand Rao, CFO, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL). Mr. Prashanth Shivadass, Advocate & Founder, Shivadass & Shivadass (Law Chambers) laid out key issues across different sectors and moderated the discussion of the panel. The discussion spanned 2 hours with active participation from all concerned, across States. The panel discussion covered the following topics: Force Majeure, invocation, events and foreseeability;

  • Treatment of Covid 19 and force majeure by various departments of the Government;
  • Positives and Negatives of Force Majeure;
  • Various sectors affected due to COVID – 19 and lockdown and probably remedies available;
  • Cases decided by the Court during lockdown”