Unlocking the Mind

24/05/2021 | Completed Event

The month of May is being observed as ''Mental Health Awareness'' month worldwide. To commemorate this, World Trade Center conducted a talk “Unlocking the Mind”. Mr. Gokul Raghunathan, Founder- Mindelligence was the speaker for the session. This was done in partnership with National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) , Madras Chapter. Mr. Raghunathan spoke about mental well-being during the pandemic and the lockdown period. He touched upon a few case studies –mainly the common issues and challenges faced by individuals at work and personal level.He spoke about the common mental health issues-anxiety & depression, what are the preventive and remedial measures as well as tips to lead a mentally healthy life. The common signs of stress were listed. Mr.Raghunathan said it is difficult to deal with the stigma surrounding mental health. There is no common solution for all stress related issues. A professional can always help to categorize stress based on symptoms and advise the necessary remedy to tackle it. Depression is a common depressive disorder found that affects how you feel, what you think and do. The speaker cited a few symptoms of depression and how to overcome it. During the one-hour program, Mr. Raghunathan also demonstrated a few simple exercises to beat stress and suggested a few books. He opined that it is important to have a healthy routine and be empathetic to others. In case you have any issue, it is important to acknowledge the issue first and then deal with it. The event witnessed good participation from across India and abroad. There was also an interactive session that followed after the talk during which participants clarified their questions with the speaker. Dr. Bose Nair, Vice President WTC delivered the opening remarks and Mr. M.H.Raja, Chairman of NIPM Madras Chapter introduced the speaker. Mr. Sandeep Raj, Co-ordinator-WTC proposed the vote of thanks. View the recording here - https://fb.watch/5IFc0zCElX/