The New Normal in B2B Sales and Marketing

10/06/2020 | Completed Event

With new direction each day, many companies are being forced to close their doors or change their approach to work. While every team is uniquely impacted due to this pandemic, sales teams in particular are facing an urgent need to generate revenue to keep businesses in operation. Covid-19 has disrupted all sales forecasts and many companies are scrambling ways to stay above water. Mr.Sojish Nair, Director- Sales-Retail,Consumer Goods and Logistics Infosys Ltd. Singapore, interacted with sales personnel across industries through a webinar organised by World Trade Center. Mr.Nair spoke on the new market realities, its impact and related opportunities/ challenges.He explained why would the sales and marketing practices look very different from past and how sales team should recalibrate given the new dynamics. He acertained that the demand might have come down for many but it has not dried up. The nature of buying and selling has changed a bit. He urged all sales professionals to be bold to stand top and reach out. Create reasons to start conversations with clients even though it is done remotely. Expand horizons and improve on lead generation. NASSCOM was a co-partner and their members also attended.