Talk on Managing a Multigen Workforce

29/11/2022 | Completed Event

Mr. Rakesh Gopinathan, Executive Coach and Mentor and the Founder CEO of WBA addressed this talk session on how to effectively manage a MultiGen workforce. Excerpts from his talk "Regardless of where you live or what industry you’re in, we’re all experiencing a dramatic generational shift in today’s workplace, which is growing older and younger at the same time. Be it the wave of Millennials who are beginning to climb the corporate ladder or the Baby Boomers preparing to leave, it is not uncommon to find four generations working within the same business environment—Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Each generation brings with it unique life experiences, attitudes, expectations and styles. For employers, this can be challenging—but it can also be an opportunity. Use the insights to cultivate a workplace environment in which your company’s employees can work together to make your organization stronger for generations to come''. This event was organized by WTC Chennai in association with NIPM Madras. Mr. N. B. Ganesh, Asst. General Manager, Sales & Leasing, Brigade Enterprises Ltd. and Mr. T.A. Mathew Gunaseelan, Honorary Secretary, NIPM Madras Chapter also spoke. Members of NIPM and WTC tenant companies attended.