SME Branding in the New Normal

11/07/2020 | Completed Event

The second episode of WTC series on SME branding had panelists from Brazil, Canada and UK sharing their thoughts on building brands in the new normal. The panel discussed on the use of technology, case studies on how brands globally reacted to this pandemic, tips for branding on a budget etc. Panelists included:

  1. Mr. Haem Roy- President BCMA Canada
  2. Ms. Particia Weiss-Chairwoman, Founder BCMA South America and the Head / Strategic Consultant for Branded Content & Entertainment, Brand Purpose & Culture, Brazil
  3. Mr. Sam Knowles - Author of How to be Insightful and Founder & Managing Director, Insight Agents UK
Moderator: Mr. Karnvir Mundrey, Founder and Chief Ideation Officer-Adharva Marcom, Bengaluru. The panel remarked that brands need to be truthful both to themselves and to their customers. The pandemic is an opportunity for smaller brands to be more visible. Many SMEs are having a hard time in penetrating the market given the number of large players in the industry. However, with proper branding, things can become easier. Branding can also be a way to expand a business. Now is the time there is globalisation as well as localisation. Although Covid has added barriers it has brought the world more closer. The panelists unanimously opined that businesses should consider branding right from the start. Every brand should discover themselves and identify the purpose for their existence. It is also important to express it. Product comes and go, but brands stay. This series is jointly organised by WTC Bengaluru, Kochi and Chennai. Participants from over 6 countries and member WTCs participated.