Panel Discussion: Membership Models for WTC Business Clubs

15/11/2021 | Completed Event

On the inaugural day of the WTCA Member Forum 2021, Mr.Vineet Verma- Managing Director-WTC Bengaluru, Chennai & Kochi was invited to be part of a panel discussion on Business Clubs. Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui President of WTC Algiers moderated the session. The co-panellists included Mr. Nicholas Beaty from WTC Rennes Bretagne and Mr. Jakub Konysz of Global Navigators. The conversations were mainly around the business club models across the globe. The panellists shared their ideas on how a club should function and the other allied services it can offer to its members. The program was helpful to learn the various forms a WTC Business Club and how to increase and keep the membership engaged. Mr. Robin van Puyenbroeck, the Executive Director-Business Development-WTCA also took part in the discussion. The 2021 edition of the Member Forum witnessed participation from 120 WTCs globally. This virtual event was exclusively for WTC members.