Online session on Skills for the AI-Driven Future

15/07/2023 | Completed Event

World Trade Center in association with BCIC and Brigade-BCIC Skill Development Academy conducted an online discussion ‘Skills for the AI-Driven Future’. The session was conducted to commemorate the ‘World Youth Skills Day’. Panelists included - Ms. Anita Guha, CIO – Talent Advisor, IBM; Dr. Sai Kavitha KrishnaIyengar, Director - Support Engineering, Microsoft; Mr. Sunil David, Digital Technology Consultant, Ex-Regional Director – IOT of AT&T. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Augustus Azariah, Regional Director – Human Resources, Kyndryl. Mr. Sunil David gave a few examples of applications of AI in different industries such as pharma, FMCG and manufacturing. He explained how companies used AI to optimize their supply chain, increase the sustainability, improve product development etc. He opined that, understanding the business context and applying technology to solve for a specific problem is essential. Ms. Anita Guha spoke about why Artificial Intelligence needs to be thought of as Augmented Intelligence which will enhance human ability. She elaborated on how the skillset model is evolving from a specialization combined with multiple skills (T Type) to pi type where two specializations are required. Now with the onset of AI, a comb shaped skillset is required multiple specialization and broad-based skills. According to Ms. Sai Kavitha KrishnaIyengar, one needs to decide beforehand before entering AI domains as to where they need to operate - in the frontend, applying AI or at the backend, developing solutions and codes. She applauded the Indian Government for the step taken to adopt AI. She also mentioned the NASSCOM AI adoption index which states to which degree India has adopted AI, how it has evolved globally and where the country ranks.  Mr. Vivek George, World Trade Center; Mr. Bala Phani Kumar, Director, Brigade-BCIC Skill Development Academy; and Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coordinator, World Trade Center Kochi also spoke.