Online session on Corporate Governance, Fraud and Control

20/12/2022 | Completed Event

In an evolving world where fraud and cyber-attacks are increasing, safeguarding your organisations reputation, trust and public confidence is now more important than ever. This webinar conducted in association with Institute of Management Accountants, WTC Dublin and Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs will share key insights on how to maintain strong corporate governance, minimise business risk, prevent frauds and improve on internal controls. Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, Director of Research, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Research & Policy, IMA is the speaker. Topics that will be covered

  • Explore the role of governance and its connection with risk, fraud and control
  • Gain an understanding of the fraud triangle
  • Identify red flags in complex financial transactions
  • Gain an understanding of internal whistleblowing
&nnbsp; Date: 20th Dec 2022 (Tuesday) Platform: Zoom Webinar Time: 06.00 PM 07.00 PM Click here to register To know more, / 6366918575