Online certified workshop on Decoding the Law of Persuasion - Learn the Brain Science of Selling

28/04/2022 | Completed Event

An online certified workshop “Decoding the Law of Persuasion - Learn the Brain Science of Selling” was conducted. This workshop was led by Mr. Rakesh Gopinathan, CEO, WowRakesh, Chennai. Mr. Rakesh explained the features of primal and rational brain and how differently they are affected by persuasion. He spoke about the memorable brain stimuli that a sales executive needs to keep in mind while communicating with clients. He pointed out the mistakes commonly made by salespersons while making a pitch. He also gave case studies to demonstrate effective sales & marketing attempts. He stressed that a salesperson should also be a listener who can understand the pain areas of the customer. This was an interactive session where participants were able to clear their sales related queries with the speaker. The programme was attended by sales executives from organizations across various industries. Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coordinator, World Trade Center Kochi also spoke.