Manage Stress Before It Manages You

07/04/2021 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center on the occasion of the World Health day, organized an online discussion “Manage Stress before it manages you”. The event was conducted with the objective to educate the participants on ways to beat stress at work and take care of their mental health. Dr. Jaya Sukul, Clinical Psychologist was the Speaker. Dr. Sukul stated that all kinds of stress is not unhealthy. There are two kinds of Stress 1) Eustress - which promotes goal directed behaviour, keeps a person motivated and prevents lethargy and 2) Distress - which affects physical and mental health, makes you do less and think more, and spoils social relationships. She gave a few management techniques for stress such as - learning to do nothing, actively relaxing, time management, teach- free hours and circadian alignment. She explained the importance of work life balance, self-care, self-engagement and emotional wellness and ways to enhance these. The programme was attended by participants from across the country and their queries regarding mental health were taken up by Dr. Sukul. Mr. Atul Kishore, Senior Vice President, Seva At Home; Dr. Bose K. Nair, Vice President, World Trade Center and Mr. Vivek George, Manager, World Trade Center also spoke.