How to Manage Tough Times and Take Right Decisions-learnings

29/05/2020 | Completed Event

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, an eminent speaker, celebrated author and popular academician spoke at a live session organised by World Trade Center on Chanakya principles and how it can be used to survive tough times. Dr. Radhakrishnan introduced the life of Chanakya and his perspectives on managing tough times and taking right decisions He said the situation (parasthidi) now for many looks bad. But let not let this paristhidi take a toll on the manasthidi (emotional well-being). He added that the tough times will not last for ever and use this time to upgrade ourselves and have our minds also in control. Mr. Pillai mentioned that leadership matters and it is important to know the theories and put it into right use. The right structures and processes will help individuals to take right decisions. During a crisis, a person should be able to think through and never take any decisions in an impulse manner. Instead he/she must investigate the cause and try for a solution. Corporates, start-ups, students and academicians across the country joined the conversation. Dr. Bose Nair, Vice President- WTC also spoke.