How to Improve Wellness through Mental Health

07/10/2021 | Completed Event

We organized a webinar “How to Improve Wellness through Mental Health” in commemoration of the World Mental Health day. Dr. Jaya Sukul, Clinical Psychologist; Ms. Niharika Gurung, Career Counsellor; Ms. Ria Aggarwal, Certified NLP Practitioner were the speakers. Mr. Atul Kishore, Chief Revenue Officer, Seva At Home was the moderator. Dr. Jaya Sukul spoke about the impact of mental health on physical health. Wellness does not only mean the absence of diseases. Wellness is a holistic concept that comprises of social, physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual well-being. She is of the opinion that organizations are also responsible for mental health of its employees. Ms. Niharika Gurung spoke about mental health of children. She listed some mental health issues that have their roots in childhood like - autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity etc. A common factor that occurs to most children is to worry about their future. Their traits and skills can be identified through psychological tools and appropriate career paths can be suggested. Ms. Ria Aggarwal spoke about few factors that can help people lead a more happy and balanced life. This includes – a proper sleep pattern, nutritious food, physical activity, and controlled screen time. She also demonstrated a creative visualization technique that would help relieve one of stress. This was an opportunity for participants to clear their queries with the speakers. Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coordinator, World Trade Center Kochi also spoke.