Future of India-US Relations and China’s Role in the Changing Global Order

05/08/2020 | Completed Event

We organized a webinar on “Future of India-US Relations and China’s Role in the Changing Global Order”. Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador of India to United Nations was the Speaker at the event, Dr. D. Dhanuraj, Chairman, CPPR moderated the session. Ambassador Sreenivasan in his talk explained how India-US relations have improved over the years. He opined that since the Obama administration, India and US have been in good terms with each other. But with the Trump administration the relations have completely changed for better. The Modi government has set 4 priorities in terms of foreign policy: security, economic development, Indian diaspora, and maintaining relationship with neighbouring countries— this improved the relationship with the US in 2016. He further spoke about the growing tension between India and China, He said that our involvement with China is closely interlinked and their reach has been deeply rooted in our economy. According to him, India can face the current situation in 3 ways: Holding talks with the top military officials; Economic action and stretching our Military capabilities. He stated that US- India alliance is not the answer to counter the dominance of China in the South east Asia region. He further said that India is not an expansionist country and hence does not desire dominance but to be collectively prosperous and peaceful. The programme organized in association with Centre for Public Policy Research and Indo American Chamber of Commerce was attended by people from various parts of the globe across sectors. Dr. Bose Nair, VP, World Trade Center, Mr. Sajiv Menon, Chairman, IACC and Mr. Vivek George, Manager, WTC Kochi and Chennai also spoke.