Current changes and trends in Manufacturing Sector - Skills Required to Match the Changing Trend

02/03/2023 | Completed Event

World Trade Center in association with Brigade BCIC Skill Development Academy (BBSDA - A Unit of Brigade Foundation) conducted an online session that discussed “Current changes and trends in Manufacturing Sector”.  Dr. S. Devarajan, Sr Vice President - TVS Motor Company and Sr Vice President – BCIC was the speaker. Dr. Devarajan explained how manufacturing contributes to the GDP growth. The automobile industry alone contributes close to 23%. He listed the key challenges faced by the automotive industry like the migration to EV and stricter emission norms. Currently there is a paradigm shift in manufacturing owing to higher value added products, fast changing customer needs, need for more durability, need for eco friendly products, and miniaturization. He discussed as to how quality, cost and delivery requirements have changed over time and how it would be in the future. He briefed about the latest developments in machine tools, fixtures and measurement systems. He shared his inputs on the importance of digital transformation in manufacturing. He also spoke about how micro machining, laser beam machining, micro-electro mechanical systems, nanotechnology and 3d printing is helping digital and high precision manufacturing. In manufacturing, especially automotive, making a vehicle lightweight has become key and as a result new materials such as nickel, titanium, graphene, inconel, cobalt, ceramic, polymer, composites and alloys are being used now. He listed the talent requirement, job roles and competencies of the present and predicted how it would evolve in the future. Mr. Bala Phani Kumar, Director – Skill Development, BBSDA made the opening remarks and Mr. Vivek George, World Trade Center gave the vote of thanks. The recording can be viewed here -  Current changes and trends in Manufacturing Sector.mp4