Corporate Governance, Fraud and Control

20/12/2022 | Completed Event

An online session on Corporate Governance, fraud and control was organized in association with Institute of Management Accountants, WTC Dublin and Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs. Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, Director of Research, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Research & Policy, IMA was the speaker. Dr. Pope covered the topic of whistle blowing extensively in her presentation. She opined that more often than not, whistle blowers are not supported by the organization and also fired. She gave a few case studies of whistleblowers and corporate felons. Dr. Pope who also have interviewed a few of these people shared the experiences of whistleblowers where they not only had to face the wrath of their organisations but also was ostracized by the society despite them being morally correct. She also described the traits of intentional, accidental and righteous perpetrators. Mr. Pranesh Krishnan, Director of Operations, IMA moderated the session. Mr. Vivek George, Sr. Manager, WTC Bengaluru, Kochi & Chennai and Ms. Maureen Pace, President, WTC Dublin also spoke at the event.