Certified online Workshop on Digital Marketing Techniques for Business Growth – Part 1

27/11/2021 | Completed Event

The first session of the workshop on digital marketing techniques for business growth was held with Mr. Subhobroto Chakraborty, Founder, thedigitalfellow.com as the speaker. He explained the basics of search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online video marketing, web analytics etc. Mr. Chakroborty listed the skills required to perform digital marketing. He pointed out that that traditional marketing methods are very different from digital. The approach used to reach out to potential customers during awareness, consideration and conversion stages are entirely different. He explained the process of off site and on site search engine optimization and why both need to be done separately. He also shared his observation that in India, most websites are viewed on mobile devices and a UI expert in addition to the website designer has to be assigned to this task. He also added that it is not possible to see results overnight with processes such as process understanding, competition analysis, person interview, buyer’s journey, brand roadmap, website, social media, campaigns etc. taking over a year to complete. The event was an opportunity for the participants to clear their queries.