Certified Online Workshop "Change & Transition Strategies in Supply Chain Management

22/05/2021 | Completed Event

World Trade Center in association with Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) Bangalore organized a certified online workshop "Change & Transition Strategies in Supply Chain Management". Mr. Mark Antony Sequeira, Principal Consultant & CEO of Maestro Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. was the faculty for this session. Mr. Mark listed the reasons why individuals/ organizations resist change - people not wanting to come out of the comfort zone, the misconception that old is gold, attitude, lack of vision and their past bitter experiences. For supply chain industry, the major cause disruptions have been natural disasters, shortage of skilled resources, volatility of fuel prices and most importantly, the performance of the supply chain partner. In the pandemic era, the major bottlenecks that the industry have been facing are - warehouse/store operators in quarantine or being ill, capacity of suppliers and demand from customers being hard to determine etc. He stresses that a resilient supply chain can accelerate revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction, increase savings and minimise risk. He explained the various stage of the change curve starting with denial and ending with delight in the new change. According to him people, structure, culture and process are the four factors of change. He also deliberated on the hard and soft factors in transformational change. He also demonstrated to the participants the ADKAR model of change and shared an action plan. Dr. Bose K. Nair, Vice President, World Trade Center and Mr. Jayaraman Subramaniam, Chairman, IIMM also spoke. Supply chain professionals, entrepreneurs and students participated in the event.