5G Technology transforming the Supply Chain Management Landscape

24/07/2021 | Completed Event

A webinar ‘5G Technology transforming the Supply Chain Management Landscape’ was organized in association with Indian Institute of Materials Management Bangalore (IIMM). Dr. M.H.Kori, Consultant- Telecom Standards Development Society India (TSDSI) was the speaker for the programme. Mr. Kori explained the evolution of mobile communications by listing out the features of each generations. There has been an exponential increase in data speeds across these generations - 4G networks have a maximum speed of 1GB/second while for 5G networks it can be upto 10 GB/second. 5G networks are available in 61 countries as of now. Strong security, high reliability, low latency, extreme user mobility, fast data rates, high capacity and density, low complexity and low energy are some of the advantages of 5G. He added that supply chains that use 5G tech would benefit greatly when it comes to transportation management. 5G can also automate many process and make it easier to track and trace visibility. There would be fewer missing cargos and misplaced containers. For inventory management 5 G can help by enabling advanced monitoring. He gave a few use cases where 5G can be implemented in supply chain management. Mr. Kori also answered numerous questions from the participants. Mr. Jayaraman Subramanian, Chairman, IIMM Bangalore and Dr. Bose Nair, Vice President, World Trade Center also spoke.