GenAI Tools for Workplace Productivity

12/06/2024 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center (WTC) organized a workshop at the Holliday Inn Hotel on OMR in Chennai. The workshop was titled "Generative AI Tools to Accelerate Your Workplace" and was led by Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper. 

It aimed to explore how Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform workplaces. Attendees learned about practical uses of Generative AI in different industries, from creating content to improving workflows.

One highlight was the opportunity for attendees to try out Generative AI tools themselves. They got to see firsthand what these tools can do. Discussions also touched on the ethical aspects of using AI, stressing the importance of responsible AI use in today's digital world.

The workshop attracted participants from various industries including automotive, financial, digital, software and advisory. It ended on a positive note with a networking lunch. 

Mr. Yogabalaram from WTC gave the opening remarks and the vote of thanks.