ChatGPT - The Key to Boosting Your Marketing ROI

17/08/2023 | Completed Event

World Trade Center conducted an online session “ChatGPT: The Key to Boosting Your Marketing ROI Mr. Krishnakumar, CEO, GreenPepper Consulting was the speaker. Mr. Krishnakumar spoke in detail about the requirements of a complete prompt, in order to get a detailed and personalized answer from the AI tool. A good prompt must provide context, describe the task, give instruction, clarify and be refined. The more details the user provide about their requirement, the better the quality of the answers that ChatGPT provides. One can also request it to provide examples of case studies to learn more about a business problem and ways to overcome it.

During the session, Mr. Krishnakumar showcased real-time demonstration using well-constructed prompts leading to elaborate and complete answers from ChatGPT. These ranged from devising business strategies and generating impactful ads to crafting engaging social media content, integrating new tech into businesses, optimizing landing page content, framing compelling job descriptions, crafting comparative charts, and refining UI/UX suggestions. The session was attended by over 200 participants pan India that included professionals from marketing, sales, technology, HR, finance etc.

Mr. Vivek George, World Trade Center delivered the welcome address and Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coodinator, WTC Kochi proposed the Vote of Thanks.